Don’t Forget Security on Mobile Devices

As mobile computing continues to grow, so does the number of malware threats to that platform. Despite this, many mobile users don’t take security as seriously on their phone or tablet as they do (or did) on their laptops and desktops.  As Trend Micro notes in a recent post on its Security Intelligence Blog, it’s a dangerous mobile environment, too: When Phishing Goes Mobile.

Here is a pie-chart from the post with mobile phishing URLs by industry – it shouldn’t be surprise that the financial and banking industry has the most mobile phished sites. Just like bank robbers, the phishing criminals want to go where the money is! Mobile-Phishing-Piechart

Figure 1. Mobile phishing URLs by industry

If you use any of the banks or sites in the table below, you’ll want to be especially careful. But don’t be complacent with your credit union or local small business bank – the bad guys are always out to get you!

Company Name Nature
PayPal e-Commerce
Absa Internet Banking Banking/Finance
Popular en linea Banking/Finance
Mijn ICS (International Card Services) Banking/Finance
Barclays Banking/Finance
Wells Fargo Banking/Finance
eBay e-Commerce
Bank of America Banking/Finance
SFR (Societe Francaise du Radiotelephonie) Telecommunications
KBC Bank NV and Match.Com (tie) Banking/Finance, Online dating

Table.1 Top 10 entities targeted by mobile phishing

The blog post ends with some advice on not getting caught in a phishing scheme:

To avoid these attacks, users must always be cautious with clicking links from emails. If possible, users should manually type the websites they want to visit and bookmark these sites. Users can also benefit from installing security apps like Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition. Our Monthly Mobile Report for February Mobile Phishing:A Problem on the Horizon provides more details regarding mobile phishing, data-stealing apps, and other mobile security tips.

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