Top 10 Good Tech Habits Everyone Should Have

One of my favorite sites, Lifehacker, had this post  up earlier this year Top 10 Good Tech Habits Everyone Should Have. I really can’t argue with any of these points, but I’m not sure I’d have Search Google Like a Pro in the number one spot.

Based on our experience, the most critical tech “habit” any computer or technology user needs to adopt is backing up data. Whether it’s on a smart device or a computer, if that data is not backed up it will most assuredly be lost at some point. Devices fail, and data disappears. The benefit of the smart devices is that they are typically associated with some form of cloud storage, so the data does not reside (only) on the device.  That’s one of the reasons we also recommend an automated cloud backup for everyone – Carbonite will back up any amount of data on a single home computer for $59 per year. If your data is not worth that, it probably isn’t worth backing up!

The privacy and security anti-malware habits are also important and relate to keeping your data safe. Most of the malware we encounter today is no longer written by geeky high school kids for a kick. Now that code is written for organized crime and used to hold computers and data hostage. If you’re backed up, you can start over, a little bit wiser but with your data intact. If not, the criminals will let you have your data back for the price of your credit card. That $59 is looking a little more affordable in that context.

Anyone who follows these steps regularly will run into far fewer issues than those who don’t. Here’s their list – look at the post for the detail on each one.

10. Regularly Audit Your Privacy Settings on Social Networks

9. Know When You’re Paying Too Much for a Product

8. Keep Your Desktop and Hard Drive Free of Clutter

7. Avoid Getting Malware (and Spreading It to Others)

 6. Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

 5. Be Smart About Hoaxes, Scams, and Internet Myths

 4. Know What Maintenance Your Computer Needs (and Doesn’t Need)

 3. Use Secure Passwords

 2. Back Up Your Computer

 1. Search Google Like a Pro

If you are not currently backing up your data at home or at work we can help for as low as $59 a year.

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