Use the right browser on your mobile device

ChromeAre you still using the default browser on your smart device? Odds are it’s slower and more difficult to use than browsers available for download. Which browser you’ll be able to use may depend on your device, but take a look at other browsing options for your mobile Internet access.

Keeping up with the changes in technology we use every day can be daunting and just a plain old pain for those of us who don’t have fun keeping up. The sad truth is that keeping up will help us be more productive and get more out of our technical tools and falling behind can end up hurting us.

Being an Android user, I would recommend Google Chrome for Android, but most would probably agree that the top three for Android are Chrome, Opera and Dolphin. Here are the 5 best Android browsers according to Gadgetic World:

  1. Google Chrome for Android
  2. Opera Mobile Web Browser
  3. Maxthon Android Web Browser
  4. Dolphin Browser
  5. UC Browser for Android

I can’t vouch for Maxthon, but I’ve played with the others and end up with Chrome because I can use it everywhere.

I have less experience with iOS but have played with Safari, Dolphin and Chrome on iOS devices. I’m partial to Chrome because that’s what I use on my Droid, but the top iOS browsers are:

  1. Dolphin
  2. Safari
  3. Chrome
  4. UC
  5. Opera Mini Browser

Again, one of the benefits of using the same browser on a mobile device as a computer is being able to sync browser settings between devices.

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